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What happens when the White House runs out of Covid-19 money? Why are kids suddenly getting mysterious infections? And who’s going to hire Martin Shkreli?

We cover all that and more this week on “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. First, STAT’s Helen Branswell joins us to explain the medical mystery of hepatitis appearing worldwide in young children, plus the sudden outbreak of monkeypox. Then, STAT Washington correspondent Rachel Cohrs calls in to discuss how Congress’ reluctance to pass a Covid funding bill might imperil the U.S. pandemic response just in time for a winter surge. We also chat about the latest news in the life sciences, including Clay Siegall’s resignation and Martin Shkreli’s release from federal prison.

For more on what we cover, here’s the latest on hepatitis infections; here’s more on federal Covid spending; here’s the news on Siegall; here’s an update on Shkreli; here’s where you can find episodes of Color Code; here’s where you can subscribe to the First Opinion Podcast; and here’s our complete coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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