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Last year, when we asked science and health care soothsayers to peek ahead to 2019, they told us that methamphetamine use would rise (it did), tumor organoids would near clinical use for personalizing cancer treatment and better targeting clinical trials (that’s happening), and price transparency wouldn’t bring lower health spending (that’s true, too). But nobody predicted the outbreak of lung injuries tied to vaping, the failure and attempted resurrection of Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab, or the restoration of cellular functions in pig brains after death.

We’re back with a new set of predictions for 2020. Let’s see how our experts do this time.

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  • With regard to Facebook’s KX Jin’s comment on “Combatting harmful health content online,” Facebook needs to vow to combat this by removing false health information automatically (not waiting for medical organizations to protest) and not approving ads in the first place that promote anti-vaxxer and anti-scientific propaganda. His answer was placating nonsense.

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  • One can only hope for some realization of Chairman Butlers 1991 call to action. Revision of Chairman’s Address Given at 102nd Annual Meeting of AAMC Academic Medicine’s Season of Accountability and Social Responsibility
    by William T. Butler, M.D.
    Revision of Chairman’s Address Given at 102nd Annual Meeting of AAMC November 1991

    Abstract – The author declares that academic medicine has entered a new and stormy “season” of accountability and social responsibility, due to public concerns about the overall health care system. He reviews earlier seasons, identifying paramount issues or activities that dominated the specific eras the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has responded to since the twentieth century began. He recommends how the AAMC can achieve several near-term solutions to pressing demands of the current season, such as the needs to manage academic medical centers more efficiently and to restore public confidence in the integrity of biomedical research. Next, he focuses on proposals for academic medicine to provide leadership, through the AAMC, in two major areas: preparing more generalist physicians, and assuring greater access to health care for those who live in underserved urban and rural areas. He describes models of existing, successful programs. The author concludes by proposing to create a “National System of Regional Medical Care.” He urges the AAMC to continue its leadership by designating a task force to examine how such a regional system could be established within this decade.

    This paper is a slightly revised version of the speech that Dr. Butler presented as the Chairman’s Address at the 102nd Annual Meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges, held in Washington DC November 8 – 14, 1991.

    “Who ever wishes to investigate medicine properly,” Hippocrates counseled physicians 23 centuries ago, “should proceed thus: in the first place to consider the seasons of the year, and what effects each of them produces…”1

    Rest at

    Seasons of Distortion at the Current Time
    1. academic training cannot fix shortages – only a reformed financial design can do that – and academic medicine opposes cuts to procedural and technical to pay for cognitive and basic
    2. micromanagement of costs cannot fix costs – and has worsened costs and hurt basic health access
    3. micromanagement of quality cannot fix quality as quality is about the personal factors – far beyond any clinical intervention
    4. micromanagement of social determinants is similarly too late, not specific, and distracting – decades or generations of being behind cannot be fixed in days or weeks or months
    5. Digitalization helps – but has actually hurt, particularly Basic Health Access. HITECH to MACRA to PCMH to Value based has stolen billions more from primary care where needed. Where there was 38 billion to invest in primary care in counties with half enough, there is less than 30 billion remaining. Fewer and lesser team members is the result of the innovative disruption bandwagons.

    Precision medicine appears to be the same adding substantially more cost for fewer patients resulting in even less for most Americans.

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