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Photographing therapeutic clowns in a Toronto children’s hospital. Taking portraits of one of the first patients to receive a groundbreaking gene therapy treatment in Boston. Documenting China’s rapidly developing “Pharma Valley” in Shanghai.

STAT’s contributing photographers have set out across the globe this year to create compelling pictures for some of the most exciting stories in science and medicine.

Read on to see some of our favorite pictures from the past year.


Neil Hayward 01
Neil Hayward, a former director and board chair at Abcam, leads the Brookline Bird Club through Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass. From A career in biotech brought success. Then the birds came calling Josh Reynolds for STAT
Laura Dolph
Laura Dolph, who takes opioids for pain management, at her home in Gresham, Ore. From Tapered to zero: In radical move, Oregon’s Medicaid program weighs cutting off chronic pain patients from opioids Natalie Behring for STAT
Clayton Novo Nordisk Mural
A mural at the public library in Clayton, N.C., depicts the town’s history, from its farming roots to its future with the Novo Nordisk plant. From In the ‘diabetes belt,’ a small town grapples with growth of the world’s largest insulin maker Justin Cook for STAT
Yoko K. Sen
Yoko K. Sen demonstrates how she relaxes and focuses on sound while lying down, mimicking a patient in a hospital bed. From Anatomy of a beep: A medical device giant and an avant-garde musician set out to redesign a heart monitor’s chirps Eric Kruszewski for STAT
Leon Peshkin 02
Harvard statistician and geneticist Leonid Peshkin looks for signs of responsiveness in his 96-year-old father, Miron Peshkin, to decide whether to continue life support. From An anti-aging researcher faces the loss of his inspiration: his 96-year-old father Ruby Wallau/STAT
Jack Hogan
Jack Hogan, 13, poses at a hotel in Boston the evening before the surgery when Luxturna would be injected into his left eye. From ‘That’s $425,000 right there’ — the anxious launch of a gene therapy with a record sticker price Kayana Szymczak for STAT
Therapeutic Clowns
Therapeutic clowns Helen Donnelly (left) and Suzette Araujo visit Krystal, who has lived at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto for 15 years. From These children can neither move nor speak. Clowns and engineers are trying to listen to their inner worlds Chloë Ellingson for STAT
China's Kendall Square
Pharma Valley employees often meet to discuss their work at a Starbucks. From Pharma Valley, China’s equivalent of Kendall Square, is expanding rapidly Elke Scholiers for STAT
Stephanie Zaia 06
Stephanie Zaia plays a game of Jenga during PATH-WAY’s annual picnic and lawn games event at Thomas Menino Park in Boston. From It’s not ‘all in your head’: When other doctors give up on patients, a boundary-breaking neurologist treats them Ruby Wallau/STAT
Church of Safe Injection
Jesse Harvey of the Church of Safe Injection runs a harm-reduction clinic out of the trunk of his car near Trinity Episcopal Church in Lewiston, Maine. From Welcome to the Church of Safe Injection: Clean syringes are salvation and membership may help skirt the law Yoon S. Byun for STAT
Adam Hayden
Whitney and Adam Hayden sit in the waiting room before Adam’s appointment at Indiana University Health in Indianapolis. From Not if but when: After a diagnosis of brain cancer, a young dad and his family grapple with the uncertain time he has left Anna Powell Teeter for STAT
Amish Clinic
Medical director Dr. Kevin A. Strauss talks with a patient at the Clinic for Special Children, which treats kids with genetic disorders, most of them from Old Order Amish and Mennonite families. From The Amish pool resources for their medical care. A budget-busting gene therapy puts them in a bind André Chung for STAT
Xavier and his parents, Mélissa and Pierre-Alexandre, in their home outside Montreal. From These children can neither move nor speak. Clowns and engineers are trying to listen to their inner worlds Joannie LaFrenière for STAT


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