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In the midst of a national opioid crisis, how badly do we need another formidable painkiller?

This vexing question has been widely debated since the Food and Drug Administration set off a furor last month when it approved Dsuvia, a tablet version of a decades-old intravenous painkiller that is up to 10 times more potent than the highly addictive fentanyl. Critics argued that alternatives exists and that such a powerful opioid could easily be abused by being diverted, despite a prohibition on retail pharmacy sales. But the endorsement was championed by the military, which maintains that such a medicine is needed in combat zones.

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  • Opioid nonsense there are greedy people on both sides companies, lawyers, do-gooders etc, It never had to be a crisis but people on both sides watch it become one. You need to watch the watchers. The Gov-elect of Ohio on 60 minutes salivating at the $$$$$$ opportunity was as disgusting as who he was blaming. All directly related to 24 years of a one-party system and 3 lifelong politicians

  • This thing is unbelievable. We have chronic pain patients committing suicide and more addicts dying each day. The only reason why this was approved is because of money. But make me even more mad is how chronic pain patient are suffering. The military have no limits on how much opiates they prsscribe. They give what the patient needs and not by some set dose. If the Military has to go by the opiate limits states are putting in you would have a up roar over all those brave Military member screaming in pain in the battlefield. So the Military has no limits nor should they. When you are in a major accident your body cannot tell much difference of you got shot with a AK 27 or a AT 15. But now doctor in ER are dealing with these injuries with little or no pain relief. Basically patients in are hospitals are now starting to suffer. Basically you do not stop a addict by taking away a drug or what they are addicted. We have certainly seen people who are addicted to food but do we take everyone’s food away or demand they have there mouth wired shut so they don’t eat! Of course we would not because that would be barbaric! Well people need to understand that this opiate thing has been just a big scam!

  • “why do we need another opioid? It’s a reasonable question.’’”

    No, it is a completely moronic question & the fact that the FDA commissioner is asking it is frigging terrifying. You would hope that the FDA commissioner would be aware of the fact that different people metabolize medications differently. Person A might find hydrocodone to be very effective; for person B it does nothing. This is as basic a fact as everyone cannot get the same effectiveness from the same dose; one size does NOT fit all, no matter what the CDC guidelines would try to have you believe. There are very well known genetic differences that cause some people to require doses 10 times greater than others to get the same pain relief. A 95 pound. 60 year old woman will probably not need the same dosage as a 300 pound, 23 year old football player.

    this is all so obvious, and so bloody basic, that Gottleib & every one of the morons, zealots, profiteers, & slimeballs that are running our country’s opioid policy should be forced out of office and back to grade school, in hopes they can learn something.

  • A better formulation for use on the battlefield would be an insertible rod the size of a Progest-a-sert contraceptive and insertible into the tissue that is exposed by the wound. The outer layer would be immediate release with timed release inner layers that are biodegradable. This is generally a highly vascular & lymphatic area which would absorb the medicine rapidly & distribute it quickly to the brain & spinal cord. This would also work with fentanyl.

  • I am an anesthesiologist and chief of Emory specialty ass in Atlanta. 100 plus mds and anes .
    Lost my son a year ago to opiate OD. His problem started after oxy for post op pain age 16. Dsuvia approval is beyond amazing and will be diverted and kill !!! In this era to approve such a drug is highly suspect to real reasons !! Sad and a true punch to me and my family’s gut ! Steve Waronker md mba

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